By Taweethapisek School, Bangkok

Thitipong Suwansapap
Taweewat Thanhirun
Tharathorn Suwatthanarak

In this world, each country has their own unique cultures and traditions because of the geography or climates. That makes the difference of art and culture such as handicrafts, architectures or literatures. Thailand is one of those. We have the unique priceless arts and cultures. These things are all about the everyday life of Thais.
The Thai cloth weaving is very famous, especially the project of Bangsai Arts and Crafts Centre, Pranakornsriayudhya, Foundation of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit. We think the most popular pattern of weaved cloths is “Lai Teen Chok” and “Par Mai Mad Mee”, they are very neat and beautiful. Each Thai weaved cloth consists in many patterns such as linear, zig zag, square, helix, Khor Pratep pattern, etc. These patterns link up the patterns in the other Thai arts, such as Buddhist Temple’s wall painting, architectures, folk literature, etc. The materials in Thai cloth weaving are fibers such as silk, cotton etc., dyes from the natural materials such as ebony-black, turmeric-yellow, kiffir lime-green, rhizophora-brown, etc. Besides fibers and dyes, “Kee” or “Huuk”, the machine used to weave the cloths, is an important tool too. It is use for arranging the fibers into the beautiful and neat patterns. Thereby, before they are weaved into high-quality Thai cloths, they need talents, skills and aptitudes of workers to do them perfectly.
For the jewels, Thailand is famous too, because we have many fertile natural resources. Accordingly, there are many materials of jewels manufacturing, especially the western mountain range : the well-known jewels such as ruby, blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, garnet, zircon, etc. Besides the priceless jewels resources of Thailand, we have many talented craftsmen. They can cut and polish to increase the value and beauty of products. When we have got the fine jewels, we adapt them into many ornaments such as necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets etc. So, they attract foreign tourists to Thailand to visit the Thai neat arts.
For the well-known handicraft of Thailand is the wickerwork from the natural materials such as bamboos or wickers. Among Thai wicker works are the useful containers for example baskets, bags and boxes. They are useful and beautiful-patterned appliances. Hence, the crafts need technique and knowledge to make them valuable.
According to above text, the Thai unique arts and cultures are impressive and worthy of praise. The Thai people will try to preserve the fine art and culture until posterior generation just as the ancestors have done.



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