By Taweethapisek School, Bangkok

Passakorn Teetipsatit

Now, in Thailand, we have the disease called ‘Kai Wad Nok’ or bird flu in English. It is a very dangerous disease. It came from the viruses called H5N1. Now Thai government speeds up to prevent this disease everyway. The sources of this disease are found from any tissues, feces, hormones such as mucus saliva of the avian especially from the hens or chickens that are in contact with the humans. How to get this disease mostly happens by touching the feces or the mucus of the doubtful avian including the tools that were contaminated by the animals. Opportunity to get this disease is not so worries, but the farmers have to beware when touching the chickens. The symptoms of this disease are : the doctor says it is just like the common cold but stronger than the common cold. The symptoms are fever, headache, pain in the muscles, more coughing, congested, runny nose, hard to breath but some people have diarrhea or pneumonia. When someone gets this disease and wants to treat but doesn’t have the real treatment, he can use the same way than with the common cold. The best way to prevent this disease is to keep off with doubtful animals but if you want to eat them you must be sure that your food is already cooked and the most important thing is to rest your body and eat the good food especially for the vegetables and fruits.




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