By Taweethapisek School, Bangkok

Pasit Suriyamongkol

Hi ! My full name is Pasit Suriyamongkol, but my parents call me First, because I am the first son of my house.
I start my every single day at 4.30 am. I get up and do some exercise, do jogging, push up, then I take a shower and then I have breakfast at about 5.30 am with my whole family. My family consists of my father, my mother and my brother. My father’s name is Wisit Suriyamongkol. He works in Sahapat Tanawibungid Company. My mother’s name is Prapa Suriyamongkol. She is a housewife, so she takes care of me very much. My little brother’s name is Folk. He’s 10 years old and studies in Assumption College.
Monday to Friday are the days we have to learn every subject : for example, Mathematics. I really love mathematics because the world in mathematics field can be flexible. It is not fixed just only one way or one method to find the solution to the math questions. This subject is quite a challenge in term of using your brain. Apart from that, there are a lot of formulas for me to study and use it as a tool to find the answer. Last but foremost, which is my favorite part in mathematics, is an algebraic equation.
In holiday, I always go to the Mall Bangkae or Bangsan Beach because the Mall Bangkae is near my home and Bangsan Beach is a beautiful and quiet beach, so my holiday can make me happy every time I think of it.
Thai foods are variety. Tom Yum Koog is a very well-known Thai food. All right ! My favorite food is Tom Yum Koog too, furthermore I love each food, hamburger and hotdog.




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