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Saipanya School, Bangkok

By Taweethapisek School, Bangkok

Suparerk Angkawattanawit

Hello ! I’m Suparerk Angkawattanawit. I live in Smiling Land, Thailand. I study in Taweethapisek School, that can be seen as the second home.
From the beginning, Taweethapisek School was called “Wat Arun Ratchawarara School”. The symbol of my school is a pentagram with 5 arms on it. The first headmaster is Phra Khru Tham-ma-rak-kit. And at this moment, the headmaster is Sukanya Phoopanthapak. She keeps a beauty, nice and witty behaviour. My English teacher is Ms. Nongnuch Nouamthong. She hasn’t taught me only English. She still teaches me good manners and so on. The masters of my class are Ms. Arrepan Choungchai and Ms. Nongnid Tripak. They take care of students and give me great recommendations, such as studying, a walk of life and so on. Notwithstanding they are so fussy, I look up to them very much.
My school time isn’t quite different from other schools. Such as, school starts about 7.45 am and finishes about 4.00 pm, and so on. So, I will tell you what I have to do in school time. First, I get to school at about 7 o’clock to meet my friends and talk. Funny morning is finished by school starting. It is 7.45 am. School breaking time is 11 o’clock. Then I have a lunch at canteen with my friends and my teachers. Not so long, school starts again at 12 o’clock. The brilliant time comes ! I mean finishing school. It is 4 o’clock, but except Thursday where it is 3.05 pm. And I get to my home at about 5 o’clock. To sum up, I have to learn about 8 hours everyday, except Saturday and Sunday.
My school has many libraries, such as English library, Math library, Science library and so on. They have DVD, VCD, CD, VHS, television, computers. Next to the Science library is the laboratory. It has many science projects, chemicals and so on. I would like to go there everyday.
Taweethapisek student uniform is a white shirt, black shorts, a brown belt, black shoes and a black Taweethapisek School briefcase with Taweethapisek School pentagram symbol.






By Saipanya School, Bangkok

Nilobol Kulvaraporn
Thitiporn Koomphati

Saipanya School is located on Krung-kasem Road which is near Padung-Krung-Kasem canals. Our school is the school under the royal patronage of her majesty the Queen. The name "Saipanya" is given by the sixth reign. The first administrator of Saipanya is the princess "Tueng Sanitwong". The present administrator is Ms. Mayurat Sattawattananon.
Saipanya school is peaceful and beautiful with many trees and buildings. The tree of the school is the yellow silk that you can see in around the school. There are six buildings in the school. One of them is Cha-lerm-pra-kead building which was built to enhance the King's prestige in 1997. The image of the Buddha of Saipanya is Pra-put-ta-sum-ma-pan-ya-pra-tan that was built on May 12, 1998. In addition, we have an excellent library which is admired by the Library Organization of Thailand on November 29, 1998. The school supports students to read and to have more knowledge, so the library of our school has everything that students want to know. The song of the school is "Sai-fa". The name "Sai-fa" (this means the lightening) is the symbol of Saipanya School. The color of the school is blue and yellow. The proverb of the school is “No lights are comparable with the light of wisdom”.
The administrator supports students to do many activities. The activity in the school recently is a sermon on the Buddha's life which was organized at the auditorium of the school for 2 days between 15-16 of November. The objective is to create merit. And the activity that will happen soon is Sport’s Day on December 29 and 30. It happens every year to promote unity within the school. The website of the school is www.saipanya.ac.th.






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