Introduction (by GLOBUS, France)

Professor Wagner was working on the experiment of his lifetime. His basement was full of half finished jobs: for example, the toaster that was supposed to butter the toast itself and serve it on a plate, or his walk-in closet, designed to dress you and comb your hair as you stand there. Unfortunately the toaster toasted the plates and spread butter on the faces of those waiting to be served, and the walk-in closet had to be scraped due to a near disaster while tying a tie around one of his potential investor’s neck! However, for the past five years, he had been building the world’s very first Time Machine. In the basement of 16 rue de Longchamps in Paris, his two favourite grandchildren, Jeanne and Denis spent countless hours watching their grandfather work on building this Machine. They liked helping him out and took care of their grandfather’s household choirs so that he could concentrate on getting the job done.

On a Sunday afternoon, their grandfather invited them over to celebrate their 13 birthdays, as to Jeanne and Denis are twins. As a surprise he had worked for three weeks straight, without much sleep so that the Time Machine was finished for this very special occasion. When seeing the Machine, Jeanne and Denis’s excitement was at such a point that Professor Wagner could not control his own feeling, and ended up proposing a little time travel adventure for the three of them. As they all sat in the little cramped compartment of the Time Machine, he punched in the date August 15 1945 and entered in Paris as the destination.

With a flick of a switch the compartment began to spin like a top. Suddenly, the door flew open and Professor Wagner was thrown from his seat and out of the Time Machine. Before Denis or Jeanne could stop it, there was a bright flash of light and a loud bang! After the dust had settled and Denis and Jeanne’s head stopped spinning, they looked out the window: they were definitely not in Paris and it was definitely not 1945! Something had gone wrong and they were all alone…

Chapter 1 (By Jean Joseph Rabearivelo High School, Antananarivo, Madagascar)

Domoina Hariravaka Rasolonjatovo
Andriamihaja Nivosoa Stéphanie Ravotoarivelo
Malala Ortancia Marinah Andrianomentsoa
Hoby Zo Rajoroarivony
Sanda Vahatriniaina Randrianandrasana

They got out of the compartment and realized that they were in a place they did not know. They looked around them and wondered what had happened, and were surprised as if they were waking up from an incredible dream. Indeed, Jeanne and Denis’s age had not changed and they were not older. Afterwards, they tried to look for their grand-pa, but it was useless, he was not to be found. Therefore, they knew that they would have to repair the Machine. The dusk forced them to go back inside the compartment to sleep. They slept deeply but without forgetting that a heavy task was waiting for them the next morning. The next morning, Jeanne and Denis woke up early and worked immediately on repairing the Machine. Their goal was to put it back in working order. They thought and thought again in order to remember the few skills they had learnt during the time they spent with their grand-pa in Paris. Jeanne and Denis noticed that a short circuit might have been the origin of the flash of light and the explosion. And this had damaged a few parts. Jeanne picked up a few spare parts in the trunk of the Machine while Denis got rid of the ones that were damaged. The repair eventually was over, but when Denis turned on the Machine, the engine staled. They knew that their knowledge was not enough to do something else. That was the first time that Jeanne and Denis had found themselves in such a catastrophic situation, as before, they were always travelling with their grand-pa and they knew that he was always entirely sure that the Machine was going to work properly. They then decided to leave the Machine and find some help somewhere else. They walked during half an hour without direction. It seemed to Denis that he had already seen this place in a book, but he doubted it. They kept on walking even if they were tired, thirsty and hungry. Fortunately, they had the leftovers of the buttered toasts that they had kept in the freezer of the Machine and that they had taken with them in their bags. However, Jeanne and Denis did not know that they were in February 2002 and that they were in Madagascar a few meters from the Avenue of the Independence Analakely where there was a popular demonstration due to the presidential elections opposing the outsider president Didier RATSIRAKA to Marc RAVALOMANANA, the current president. Jeanne and Denis heard a loud noises and tried to figure out where it was coming from. Indeed, thousands of strikers were demonstrating on the Avenue with their signs asking for more transparencyin the government. Curious, Jeanne and Denis got closer to the demonstrators, but suddenly a policeman launched a gas bomb. Luckily, they were not injured but only pushed by the strikers. The strikers fled away and dispersed themselves. Suddenly, Jeanne and Denis were pushed by Rija, one of the strikers who became their friend. They had a long talk about the demonstration and Denis and Jeanne’s situation. Rija was an unemployed mechanic : he thought that he could help them and see what he could do. They took him to where the Machine was and explained to him what had happened. First, he was very surprised as it was the first time he had seen such a Machine. He was proud and very clever, and he thought that by repairing the Machine, he could become a famous mechanic. He had the idea to use the rests of the gas bombs and a few spare parts to start the Machine again. This took a lot of time as the Machine was in bad state. He had to find an engine. For this, Rija bought one, as Jeanne and Denis had no money. Two weeks later, the Machine was repaired and working properly. Jeanne and Denis were very happy but they were worrying about their grand-pa disappearing. Eventually, they decided to leave the place and come back to Paris.

Chapter 2 (By Jacques Rabemananjara High School, Tamatave, Madagascar)

François Lefety
Tsinjo Voahary Rakotoarison
Leky Derlin Fafindrazandry

Jeanne and Denis realised intantly that they did not make it back to Paris, and that the Time Machine was still not working right. At that moment, seeing a sign, they knew that they were still in Madagascar, and this time they landed in the East region of the island, in Moramanga. They wanted to know what the date was and asked someone who was passing in the street and told them it was March 29’th 1947. They wondered whether they looked younger or older. They knew that they were younger by asking each other. They figured out that they were probably around the age of 8, as they had a physical and psychological shape of children of that age. They worried for their grandpa because the accident that happened to him must have been serious and they were scared that he might have died.
At that time, a big rebellion was happening against the French because the General Gallieni was doing a dictatorship while governing. Malagasies wanted their freedom and the same rights as French citizens. The two young people were really scared to be threatened by Malagasies because they were French, but it was not the case, brave people were scared for them because they were so little.
As they were wondering what they were going to do, a man passed, brought them to his place, as well as the machine, gave them food and offered them hospitality. That is how they were going to survive.
All alone, they were not able to repair the machine, but the man helped them repair it as he was a mechanic and as he had the parts they needed. They promised him that they would ask the President of the French Republic to free the Malagasies. And that’s how they managed to get the machine working.






Chapter 3 (By Lenana High School, Nairobi, Kenya)

Patrick Gakuru
Larry Mburu
Simeon Oriko

“Home sweet home !” Denis imagined. But he could tell something was wrong when the light blinked thrice. When the machine landed, there was no indication of place or time on the machine’s console. They got out. Dense natural forest surrounded them. It was cool, but not as cold as France in winter. The sun told Jeanne that it was about 11 a.m. A man, African, appeared from the brush. He saw the machine and backed a bit, but when he saw Jeanne and Denis, he walked up to them, though in an intimidated manner.
After breaking the ice, the man told them that they were in Kenya and the year was 1953. Then they walked a while as he explained “why it was not a place for children”. He told them of the Maumau movement that was pushing for independence in the country from British Colonial rule.
Denis had read much about the renowned Maumau and he certainly knew a lot about Kenya so he wasn’t surprised though he didn’t dare tell Waihenya, their new found guide, the success of their efforts in a short period of 10 years. This is because their grandpa had warned them of the consequences of their words and actions on the past. “A single misplaced word or action, done or undone, could have a great impact on the future of history, in other words, the present”, as he put it.
Waihenya introduced them to the movement’s technical advisor, Waruhiu, whom, as he understood, would help them repair their machine. Days went on, but they couldn’t age – they were outside their time. There were days when the fighting was intense and they had to be hidden in underground bunkers in the Nyandarua Hills. A somber day came when Waihenya was brutally shot dead in a fiery exchange between the Kenyans and the Britons. Denis and Jeanne had seen it coming but, gravely, they understood that historically, his time was up, and though he did not see the battle to the end, he had played an important part in it. True victory would be realized in ten years’ time when Kenya attained Independence (1963), but these were the true heroes of the war.
Finally, the machine was fixed, and they were ready to be on their way. Waruhiu, their now new guide, gave them an iron spear and shield made of buffalo hides and off they zoomed, in the true Kenyan fashion.

Chapter 4 (By Aquinas High School, Nairobi, Kenya)

Jackson Gwayi
David Njuguna
Patrick Maina

Some distance away from an unknown city, Jeanne and Denis found themselves stranded on a highway; little known to them was their whereabouts. All they could see were strange black faces which stared at them in a peculiar manner. Jeanne asked one passer-by where they were, when and what time it was. The response left their mouths agape, as they heard that it was the 6th of August, 1998. They gathered the little hope and decided to seek refuge from any willing person. Having walked for more than 22 kilometres they had reached the city centre exhausted and hungry. Their feeble legs could not bare their weight and they decided to shelter under a tree near a hotel. As they laid down on the ever green grass, a tall black man approached near and hallowed them. After a moment of inquisition, it happened that the man was a plain-clothe police officer. He agreed to accommodate them that night and the next morning he would take them to the French Embassy to organize for their departure. Early in the morning before the cock crowed, as a routine the police man was awake and preparing to go for work. He woke Jeanne and Denis up and after taking a shower and having breakfast they were all set to go to the embassy. For Jeanne and Denis it seemed like a brighter morning than any other they had seen. As they drove past Uhuru highway and joined Haille Sellasie Avenue nothing seemed strange, but no sooner had they negotiated the first corner to the American Embassy than they heard a peculiar loud blast. Everyone took their heels as though Lucifer was after them. The car they were in came to a halt. They sat there motionless and silent not knowing anything to do. Then suddenly another blast was heard that propelled doors windows. Its magnitude was felt over 50 square kilometres, sending several cars up into the air including theirs and crushing down with a loud thud. The American Embassy was in ruins. Jeanne and Denis were trapped in the wreckage having lost conscious. The battle was over for the policeman as his lifeless body laid on the front driver’s seat with all his hopes of helping them to go back to their country being shattered. Jeanne and Denis heard sirens from ambulances and police vehicles. They thought that they were hallucinating all that time. The next moment they woke up they were in a hospital. Denis had only suffered a concussion and was due to be discharged. A few days later they were both discharged. As they were preparing to leave the hospital they received a phone call from an anonymous caller who told them that their time machine had been found and repaired and was at the central police station. They boarded a taxi that took them straight to the station. On arriving at the police station they were flabbergasted to see the time machine was in good shape and waiting for their return trip …

Chapter 5 (By Udayan Care, Jagshanti Centre, Greater Noida, India)

Ashima Sayeed Udayan

Jeanne and Denis ran towards their machine and they embraced the machine. They wanted to go to their grandpa. So they took their seat and pressed the switch number 6 and they came into a very beautiful country. Suddenly a light came upon them and they changed into 19 year old very beautiful girl and boy. They saw many people with different clothes, with beautiful and large trees and fresh and clean air. Suddenly a heavy voice broke their imagination and a soldier took them to a place where all the people sat in a line and a man sat in the centre. He wore a long dress with lots of jewellery and all the people showed respect towards him. The centre man with lots of jewellery asked them : “Who are you ? And where do you come from ?”. “We are twin sister and brother. We are from Paris”, both of them replied very brilliantly. “What is this ?”, asked the centre man in surprise. “This is Professor Wagner’s machine and he is our grandpa”, they replied in a very proud way. Then the centre man asked about their life. They told him about their grandpa, their travelling in Madagascar (an island of Africa) on 2002 and Kenya on 6th August 1998, their difficult days, the policeman who helped them, Rija (an unemployed mechanic who repaired their machine) and many more. And the king replied to them in a proud way : “This is the 17’th century of the king and his kingdom and you are in Bharat, in the East of India. You can live here and enjoy your life till you want and remember this is Bharat and we don’t refuse to help anyone”. And he ordered his man to guide the twins and give them the entire comfortable things that they wanted. They saw the beauty of the palace, the kingdom and the queen of the king. In the evening, they met the prince and he fell in love with Jeanne. The prince told them more about the historical places and Indian festivals. Now Jeanne and Denis decided to visit the historical place of Taj Mahal. Next day, they went to the Taj Mahal with the prince. Jeanne asked the prince : “Who built it and why ?”. The prince took interest in her question and told her respectively : “The Moghul Emperor Shah Jehan built it in the memory of his queen Mumtaz Mahal. It was built in twenty years and twelve thousand people worked. It was built of white marble. So it attracted us very much. Like you”. “What ?”, asked Jeanne in a surprised way. “Nothing”, replied the prince. Then they came back to the palace and Jeanne and Denis were happy to know about the Taj Mahal.
In the evening, the prince talked with Jeanne and Denis about his kingdom and next day program. They ate their dinner and went to bed. During the whole night, the prince didn’t sleep, he was thinking about Jeanne. Next they got up, took their breakfast and visited Safdarjung tomb, in Delhi. Denis asked about the Safdarjung tomb and the prince replied to him that it was built in 1753 by Nawab-Shuja-Ud-Daula to house the remains of his father, who was a minister in the Mughal court and that it also had a mosque.
Now Jeanne and Denis were missing their father, whom they have never met. Their grandpa was everything for them. They came back again in the palace and in the evening both of them watched that everyone was busy in decorating and whitewashed the palace and the king’s kingdom. Jeanne asked Denis : “What is going on dear ?”. “I don’t know”, replied Denis. They went to the queen and asked and she replied in a mother way : “Tomorrow is Diwali”. “What is that ?”, asked Jeanne and Denis in a surprised way. “Diwali is a famous Hindu festival”. “What is the story behind it ?”, asked Denis to the queen and she replied : “Lord Krishna killed Ravana (a bad man) and returned to Ayodhya on that day”. Jeanne and Denis now understood the whole story. In the night the queen gave Jeanne a beautiful Indian dress to wear on Diwali and the king also gave a beautiful dress to Denis, so both of them decided to give something special back to the king and the queen on Diwali. In the morning they got up and dressed up and both of them looked very nice. In the afternoon the king and the queen distributed the clothes, sweets and many things, which his kingdom required. Jeanne and Denis also gave their grandpa’s machine to the king, the queen and his kingdom. The king put the machine in the centre of the kingdom. Jeanne explained the qualities of the machine. In the light people exchanged sweets and gifts and worship Lord Ram, Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. The prince gave the diamond ring to Jeanne and told her : “I am in love with you”. Jeanne took the ring from him and replied : “I love you too inside my heart”. They kissed, hugged and shared their feelings with each other. Days were going on very happily. Suddenly a very strange thing happened : the kingdom’s people were using the machine in the wrong way. Because of Rija, who had put more of his ideas in the machine, the people had become very lazy. Any work they wanted to complete, they gave it to the machine. Even a glass of water to drink. Now their kingdom became very dirty and irresponsible even the king, the queen and the prince. Jeanne and Denis didn’t like it. Jeanne talked to Denis : “These people are honest and hardworking. They hate useless talks. They are healthy and cheerful. They are very responsible persons but today our machine made them idle and irresponsible persons and I don’t want them to become like this”. “Now what do we do ?”, asked Denis to Jeanne. “Nothing, but we have to leave this country, these honest people and my love in the night”, Jeanne told Denis and her tears fell on the cheek. In the evening, Jeanne said good bye to the prince and in the night they left India with the hope that now they would reach their grandpa in Paris …

Chapter 6 (By Vidhya Sagar Secondary School, Banepa, Nepal)

Subash Nepal
Niroj Bajracharya
Angkit Bhochhibhaya
Rojina Bade
Rinu Bidhaya
Ravi Kiran Tripathi

Jeanne and Denis entered into the Time Machine to go to Paris, although they were not willing. However for the betterment of the Indians, they switched on to move to Paris. But still some faults in the machine arose and they reached to a strange place full of people, houses, etc. Being quite amazed and confused, they tried to ask a near by person who was dressed in a strange outfit with cap, waist coat, long top and strange pyjama. But the person could not understand their language. So they kept on wandering among the crowd of people. Luckily, they found a person who could help them. Jeanne asked him : “Could you please help us ? We have lost our way. Would you mind telling us which place is this and what date is it ?”. Being helpful, the person replied kindly : “It’s my pleasure to help you all. You’ve reached Nepal, a country in Asia and it is April 14, 1972. By the way, my name is Bir Bahadur. Could you say how have you reached here ?”. Denis explained everything they had experienced. Co-incidentally, it was the time of Bisket Jatra (a festival celebrated during New Year according to Nepalese calendar, in Bhaktapur). So the person took them to show the procession going on. Jeanne and Denis found it quite interesting. Suddenly, they happened to meet a tall humanoid structured pillar. Rija asked curiously : “Hey, what is that ? Its upper part seems like human”. “Oh ! It’s a form of god called “Lesindyo”. Bisket Jatra is celebrated in honour of him as well as god “Bhairab”. The Jatra was introduced by a king of the Malla period, Bhupatindra Malla and is celebrated for eight days. In the ancient days, it was built in the middle of Bhaktapur valley kingdom. It is built every year and destroyed every year after some days”. They understood most of the things about the Jatra. Bir Bahadur, as a helpful person took them to his house. They were amazed by its fascinating architecture. Whatever it is, they enjoyed a nice feast in his house. They stayed there for two days and could learn much more about other things as well. After two days, they prepared to leave from the place. They expressed their great thanks to Bir Bahadur for all the help and information provided. He even helped them to solve some problems that arose in their Time Machine. Jeanne and Denis began to miss their grandpa. So they thought of moving from there and entered in the Time Machine to go to Paris.




Chapter 7 (By the Special Boarding School N°42, Asaka, Uzbekistan)

Ulukbek Yuldashev

Jeanne and Denis said : “Where we are ? How did we get here ? I can not imagine”. A Muslim said to them, that you are in Uzbekistan. Jeanne : “Wow Uzbekistan, I have dreamt of visiting Uzbekistan all my life. I don’t believe my eyes”. And Denis said to Jeanne : “Uzbekistan is a country which I dreamed of”. “What is your name?”, Jeanne asked. “I’m Alisher Navoiy, the famous writer”. Denis asked : “You are a famous writer ? Oh I’m glad to meet you, what books have you written ?”. “What does the word “Khamsa” mean to you ? I wrote my master piece, Khamsa, in the 15th century. Khamsa is collection of 5 novels”. Denis replied “What’s it about and how long did it take you to write ?”. “It’s a romantic story, within 2 years I completed this titanic work which included the philosophical – detective subjects and I finished it in 1483”. Jeanne asked him to talk about it. Alisher answered : “My story consists of 5 parts, there are : “Khayratul Abror”, “Layli and Majnun”, “Sabbai Sayyor”, “Sadi Iskandariy” and last “Farhod and Shirin”. Denis : “Oh … it’s a very long story”. So Alisher invited them to eat pilaff. They were also joined by another talented writer from Uzbekistan. Alisher Navoiy introduced him to his guests. Together they ate as to honour their guests. Bobur was one of the famous people in the world. To be polite, Bobur said : “I’m not a professional poet, but I like to write poems when I have time. Most of my poems are in Russian, however, I write in Uzbek and English as well. My poems are about life, my feelings, and everything that seems to be interesting. Now read and enjoy. It will be nice to hear your opinion about my poetry”. Bobur was a king in his childhood. And he governed his government very well. Also he wrote big novel. And Jeanne asked Bobur : “Bobur, you became king during your childhood, right ? What master piece have you written ?”. Bobur answered for her question : “Yes, I was king from childhood and yes, I wrote a big novel and it is called Boburnoma”. “Who determines that you are a king ?”, Denis asked, “and what kind of novel is Boburnoma ?”. Bobur answered : “It’s about historical and geographical movement of Uzbek people in history. There is information about our regions, fruits, historical places and the climate of Uzbekistan. I think it’s very interesting novel. It’s very popular among people all over the world. If you are interested in my novel I will present it to you. I hope you will enjoy reading it”. Jeanne said to Bobur that she would be very grateful to receive his present. She was sure that French people also would be interested in reading “Boburnoma”. Bobur and Alisher Navoiy gifted her with their books and she thanked them. It was a very fruitful meeting and enjoyable friendship between the two countries. Before going, Jeanne gave gift to Alisher Navoiy and Bobur. Then Denis and Jeanne got into their Time Machine and flew away.


Chapter 8 (By Taweethapisek School, Bangkok, Thailand)

Krissada Tandulyaseri
Vasu Sharma

Denis and Jeanne wanted to go back to France but they pressed the wrong button again just like before. Then they disappeared from Uzbekistan and appeared in a strange city. They heard noise from the jungle. Then they saw people cutting down trees without wearing shirts. They also ate magic jelly to understand any languages in this place. They took off from the machine and went into the town to ask the people where they were. They saw a big market in the town and it was rush and crowded. They saw a man sitting under a tree and they both ran to him. The man said : “You are in Ayutthaya in A.C. 1675”. After some conservations passed, they knew that they were in Thailand. They also asked him for a place to rest and he told them : “You can rest in nearby my hut”. They were very pleased and thankful with that. “Tomorrow could you tour us to the tourist place of Ayutthaya ?”, that is what they said to that man. The man accepted their words by saying : “I won’t take any credit from you because tomorrow I am free too”.
The next morning the man took them to visit some of the temples and saw some Thai cultures such as : Thai sweets, Thai food, swordplay and etc. After they saw such an incredibly beautiful culture and places in Ayutthaya, they decided to go back to France in the next two days. They learned many cultures and wrote in their notes for the best memories that they never got to see strange things and places. They also asked the man who was in charge of this land. The man answered “King Narai”. They asked : “Where is his palace and can you lead the way for us ?”. The man answered : “It is very far from here, it is about 5-6 miles to reach the palace”. “If you want to go follow me”, the man said. They also knew from the man that King Narai was very kind and friendly with French people. Then they followed the man to the palace, within two hours they reached the king palace. The palace was very beautiful and big. The soldier asked them : “Who are you ?”. They said : “We are the French ambassador and we want to meet the owner of the kingdom”. The soldier said : “Follow me”. Then they followed the soldier and met the king. The king said : “Nice to meet you and have dinner with us this evening”. They said : “Ok”. After having some conversation with the king, they ate dinner. The foods that they saw were very strange and they just ignored to eat them. However, they didn’t say anything. The king knew the feeling of them and told them that they were not bad like they thought and they were very delicious. They followed the king’s advise and tasted it. They were very good food they have never tasted. They were very satisfied with the food. After having a big meal, they said : “Thank you for your kindness”. The king said : “No problem and you can come any time”. Then they returned back to the time machine and thought that may be go to the next periods history of Thailand would be good ideas. They just flew out.

Chapter 9 (By Taweethapisek School, Bangkok, Thailand)

Kritsada Reungchaiviriya

After the time machine system has been jammed, Jeanne and Denis have stopped. After they have appeared in Madagascar, Kenya, India, Nepal and Uzbekistan and the last surprise, they have appeared in the Ayutthaya period. Now they have discovered that they were in the unknown place called Bangkok, Thailand. But this city was in the past. In Bangkok 1804, the fellowship of the Thai people had the good time when the king of scientist, H.M. King Mongkut (Rama IV) was born. He was born on the October 18th. He had his coronation on the May 15th, 1856 when he was 46 years old. Then, Jeanne and Denis have discovered that the time machine is activate, so they want to go back, “Poof!” but the time machine was damaged, so they have discovered that they weren’t in Paris, their grandpa’s house, but they were in the Wha Kor District in Prachuab Kirikhan in 1879. And they saw that the H.M. King Mongkut has predicted that it will have the solar eclipse in Thailand. In that time that the great king has already predicted, Jeanne and Denis must go but they found that the time machine wasn’t activated because the engine was broken. The H.M. King Mongkut has noticed the two French children sitting in the dark. So, the king talked with them, and they talked about time machine but the king was not understanding about the time machine. So, the computer in the time machine was instantly activated. Professor Wagner said that they (Thai people) don’t know about this machine, so he sent some of repairing goods. Jeanne and Denis repaired the time machine and then, they’ve finished it. Jeanne and Denis were so excited that the great king predicted that it will have the solar eclipse. They asked that what was the solar eclipse, and the great king answered : “The solar eclipse is the event that the Moon revolves around the Earth and they stop in the order, the Sun, the Moon and the blue planet, the Earth”. They could see that the Moon had covered the Sun’s ray by leaving corona. Jeanne and Denis now understood what solar eclipse was. They gave two French buns to the great king as the gift. Jeanne and Denis wanted to see their grandpa so they went back to the time machine that was already activated and pushed the button “go”, then, “Poof!” they disappeared from the great king’s sight.

Chapter 10 (By Saipanya School, Bangkok, Thailand)

“May be this time we can get back to our town”, Denis speaks.
“Oh! God. I hope so”, Jeanne mocks her twin.
“Or you want to travel more !”
“Sure !”
“Ok, my sister. I’m surrender … umm … Hey !!! ”. Presently, the time machine falls to the ground in the forest.
“Are you Ok, Denis ?”
“Stupid machine !”
“Don’t be mad my little brother. We should know first what country we are standing in now”, she says and takes his hand to help him stand up and calm down. “We can’t do anything if we stand here, should we walk though the forest ? I see the light in the way.”
“Let’s go on our new journey !”
Jeanne yanks on Denis’ arm to walk like her, almost running.
5 – 10 minutes later they see something new and classic in their life. So she decides to ask the guy who sells the variety of vegetables.
“Excuse me. Where is here ?”
But he doesn’t speak anything (the true is he scared of her) and starts to run to something that looks like a big classic house. Now he speaks so fast in another language (Thai language) then the old man comes and stands in front of Denis.
“Could you tell me who are you ?”
“I’m Denis. This is my sister Jeanne.”
“I’m ambassador. Call me Srihanath.”
“Where is here ?” Jeanne asks.
“Thailand, the land of smiles.”
“Amm. And what’s date today ?”
“13 April 1857. Today we have a Songkran festival that’s why all of people come to the temple over there.”
“What is Songkran day ?”, Denis’s eyes look excited.
“It’s the new year’s day of Thailand and we will cook Kaowshuh, it is made from rice in Jasmine water with meats and vegetable”.
“That sounds good ! Can I taste it ?”, Denis asks.
“Sure ! Follow me.”
Srihanath takes the twins to see the festival and eat a lot of food. Jeanne always says : “It’s beautiful” or Denis says : “It’s yummy”. But the time passes so fast.
“We have better go now. Thank you.”
“You’re welcome. Take care of yourself”. Srihanath smiles a smile that stays in the twin’s heart forever.
Jeanne and Denis go back to the time machine and set it to the next destination which they don’t know what it will be.

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