By Adventista Espana College, Lima

Fiorella Cabello Rojas
Erika Venegas Gómez
Ana Zheng Zheng

In my country, people get married in the same way except for a little place in the highlands called Puno. The costumes are different from thy other regions. When people get married from Puno, the father of the boyfriend has to pay for the ceremony. When they marry, they don’t wear rings after the church and the people put money in the newlyweds cartons. The gown of the girlfriend is shaped from polleras (skirts) of colors and from a blanket that covers the face and the gown. The outfit of the boyfriend is shaped of a triad and a hat. At the wedding, they feast with dances and with all kinds of dances. The common thing in Puno weddings is to have local dishes served, for example: the chuño, the pachamanca and the quinua. These local dishes are done based on fish or other meats. The wedding can last seven days or more, it depends on the economy of the family. Later the boyfriend is going to live in his new home which is like an obsequiousness from the parents of the boyfriend.



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