By Adventista Espana College, Lima

Leidy Villalobos
Ruby Gonzáles
Josías Gonzáles

The Vicuña

In my country, in the department of Cajamarca, there is a place called The Liberty. There are living variety of camelides, there is one the named vicuña.
The vicuña has a scientific name Vicugna Vicugna. It is one of the smallest camelides in South America. It has a lot of value because the fineness of it incol. It can prosper in regions cold and semi desert. It has incisive teeth; those grew during all the year, and are strong and sharp. It eats hard posture. The vicuña live in the 2 social situations : the family and the tropilla of male. The gestation lasts eleven months.
The vicuña possesses a smooth and so fine fiber as the silk, whose value arrives at the $ 385 by kg, equivalent to 2,000 kg of wool of ovine Andean.
The vicuña almost has no natural predators. The main enemies of the vicuña are the puma and the man. The Andean fox also hunts its young.
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Johana Sosa Alzamora
Sara Zegarra Condor
Nancy Collantes Díaz
Pamela Espejo Calderón

When we decided to make a trip, we chose Cusco because of the beautiful places and delicious food.

Food : The food is very healthy because its ingredients contain a lot of vitamins and carbohydrates. The people who lives in Cusco can survive at high temperatures because of their good alimentation.

Touristy places : In Cusco, there are many touristy places, like Ollantaytambo, Pissac, Koricancha, Saccsayhuaman, Cusco City, The mayor Square, and the most famous place is Machupicchu. These places are very interesting, beautiful and with a lot of tourist visitors.

So, we enjoyed a lot to visit Cusco. It was a funny, friendly and exciting trip. Remember that you can visit Peru, because of the many touristy places that it has. If you come to visit Peru, you will enjoy it and don’t forget visit Cusco.



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