By Adventista Espana College, Lima

Jennifel Farfan C.
Julio Pariona A.
Rosa Rafael C.

Goat to the Northern

In my country we have three regions : the coast, the mountain and the forest. In the coast we find a plate very rich call Goat to the Northern. One says it comes from the North of Peru and it is very well-known for who wants to eat something different and delicious. Then we will follow some steps with these ingredients to obtain as a result a delicious plate of Peru.

Ingredients : 3 cups of rice, ram of milk, yucca
For the seasoning of the goat : Red pepper, garlic, cumin, vinegar, salt
For the salad : Onion, pepper, lemon, salt to the pleasure

Preparation :
First, cut the goat in pieces, not very small, and put the meat in the seasoning already formed by all the ingredients mentioned. After that put half for a while in a pot to fire for one hour.
Cook the 2 cups of rice with garlic, salt and a jet of oil in a pot at slow fire.
You put yuccas in a pot until they are soft, this is proven with a fork.
After all these steps, serve with a salad that is made in the following way : in a deep plate, put the onion, the lemon and a spray of pepper, mix it, add salt and serve it cold.
This plate is eaten up in half temperature : neither very cold neither very hot.
Alone it is to enjoy it and to accompany this with Chicha.






Vilma Bardales
Andre Guerreros
Enrique Maldonado
Carla Arévalo

Pachamanca (Land pot)

History : Pachamanca or land pot is the name of a typical food from the Andes. Its name comes from Quechua language. In the Andean culture, the food has to do with the nature and social events. It is a fountain of fertility, life and origin on innumerable products that come back to the earth to be cooked. The meats used in the Pachamanca were brought by the Spanish, but its origin comes from prehispanic epochs. The Pachamanca is a way to give honor to the earth divinity, eating directly from his entrails, the products that the earth fertilized. Actually in Cusco, we can find a similar way to prepare Pachamanca with a little variation.

Events : Pachamanca is eaten especially in February and March, according to the crop celebration. It is an elegance food reserved to important religious and community parties. But also to social celebrations like weddings and birthdays. Pachamanca is prepared with a little variations in different places of the rocky mountain range.

Ingredients : beef, 10 corns, some chilies to sauce meats, pepper, salt, a leg of male sheep, cheese, banana leafs, pig’s meat, 2 chicken’s meat, 10 sweet tamale, 10 sweet potatoes, 10 potatoes, large beans, paico (herb).

Preparation :
Every meat must be sauced with pepper, salt, etc, like a grill flavor.
Make a regular hole in the earth and put flatten stone in the depth. Very near from the hole, make a fire and heat other stones and then put on the other stones in the hole. The same we have to do with the ingredients, putting then, ones on others, like stairs.
In the first floor, first, sweet potatoes, then heat stones.
In the second floor, put the sauced meats, then the paico (herb), between floors put banana leaves to protect the products. Then put more heat stones.
In the third floor, put all cooked products : the sweet tamale, the large beans, the cheese portions and corns. Put more banana leaves and cloth to cover all.
To finish, put dried earth, and to cover put a wool cape (poncho).
Wait 3 or 4 hours.





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