By Adventista Espana College, Lima

Elí Gómez
José Landauro

The country is characterized by its constructions, and one special is the Machu-Picchu. The city of Machu-Picchu is located in Cusco, it is 2300 m high and is considered one of the new seven wonders in the world. This city is very outstanding in the world and is a symbol of Peru.

Another art of our country is our the cuisine. Our food is really delicious because we have great variety. In the north of the country, we have lamb stewed and ceviche (dish of raw fish with lemon and chilies). In the capital, we have chicken yellow chilly sauce and rice and beans. In other parts of the country there are different typical dishes. The Peruvian cuisine is very famous in other parts of the world. Our food is part of the national pride

Peru has a famous opera singer : Juan Diego Flores. He’s one of the best Tenors. Once Pavarotti said : Diego will be my successor because he has a great voice. Juan Diego Flores already has several contracts for singing until 2007.



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