By Adventista Espana College, Lima

Diego Rojas
Raul Leon
Jhonny Soca
Ronal Sotelo


He was born in Lima, Peru. His last name is Signago. He is nearly twenty eight years old. He is the best singer in Peru. He won the Grammy Latino in the category of the best artist this year. His mother is Reggina Alcober. He got married with a famous actress. He has a six year old daughter. He writes his songs and also sings them. He sang with Gloria Estefan in Machupicchu, Cuzco. He is the best singer because his music has feelings.

Sofia Mulanovich

The tablista was born June 24, 1984 in Lima, Peru and she always lived with her family in front of the sea. She began to slip in a chart Hawaiian when she was 9 years old and at 12, she was already competing. After obtaining the trophy ESPY like better Feminine Athlete of Action, Sofía Mulanovich was able to become the best Feminine Surfista according to the Surfer Magazine.


Rubí Alburqueque Palma
Andreé Marcelo
Junior Eneque.

Peru has very talented people around in the world. We have big characters in the music, in the performance, etc... In the sport we have Claudio Pizarro. He is playing soccer in Germany. And it is very good in the sense that he makes us feel proud of him, because he in these moments plays soccer in “The German soccer league” and this team is the current winner. We admire him because he began to play in a team of the soccer from very small and he perseveres, then a team of the interesting soccer saw its talent. And he could reach his dreams in some of the best teams in the world. But what we admire of him is his humility and perseverance. He never refused to be Peruvian and he gives us encouragements so that we come out ahead as him, and to represent our dear Peru that we want so much.
His complete name is Claudio Michael Pizarro Bossio, Peruvian player born on October 3, 1978 (27 years) in Lima, Peru. Nowadays he lives and plays in the Bayern Múnich (Germany).
Specification sheet Position :
Front Stature : 1,84 m
Weigh : 77 kilos
Nickname : "Bombardier of the Andes", "Pizza"
Professional début : on March 26, 1996
Clubs : Sports Fishing (1996-1997), Alliance Lima (1997-1999), Werder Bremen (1999-2001), Bayern Múnich (2001-?)
Titles : Intercontinental Glass 2001, German Championship 2003, 2005, German Corners 2003, 2005, Corners of the league 2004




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