By Adventista Espana College, Lima

Manuel Navarro A.
Jorge Loli Rodríguez
Edwar Fernando Julca Huaccho

Hello everybody. We are peruvians of “España” high school. It’s interesting to talk about this high school. It has a very ample history. It was built 60 years ago. The school is located in Lima. Our school is very interesting. We have 20 teachers and 650 students. In 1955 appeared a little school called “España”. It had a good Christian education with teachers who have Christian values. Now, it is a high school.
Teachers :
Biology : Ruben Miranda
History, Geography, Economy and Logic : Felipe Farfan
Chemistry : Alex Alejo
English : Evelyn Asto
Religion : Marco Vallejo
Calculus : Adrián Miñano
Geometry : Marcos Mezza
Gym Class : Edgard Gomez
Literature : Ethel Altez
Computer Science : Danilo Hermitaño
The principal is a good person and very tall, very funny and intelligent. His name is Mr Jose. We are happy to be here. I have been studying here for 3 years.


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