By Vidhya Sagar Secondary School, Banepa

Bishruti Siku


Marriage is literally known as an eternal, biological and psychological relationship and also the legal union between man and woman as husband and wife. In my point of view, marriage is a true relationship between a man and a woman who select each other to spend their whole life, share joys and sorrows, give lots of love and produce their off-spring.
There are mainly two types of marriage. They are :
Arranged marriages : In this marriage, the family members hold the talk with the girl’s and boy’s family. The partner is selected by the family members. The girl and the boy know each other through the one who arrange their marriage.
Love marriages : When a boy and a girl meet, know each other and share their feelings, he/she can be a life partner. It is called love marriage. In this marriage, an individual selects his/her life partner by his own wish. The girl and the boy know each other by themselves.
Our country, Nepal, is a Hindu kingdom. The types of marriage found to be practised in our rural society are given below. Some may be practised in urban areas too.
Marriage by giving nut (Supari Bibaha) : Marriage done by providing girl’s party with nut (supari) by boy’s party for confirmation of marriage is known as Supari Bibaha. This type of marriage is mainly arranged marriage.
Levirate (Bhauju Behorne Bibaha) : This type of marriage is done between a brother (dewar) and a widow sister-in-law (bhauju). After the death of the elder brother, the younger brother has to accept his widow sister-in-law as a wife.
Marriage by taking away secretly (Chori Bibaha) : This marriage is done by taking away secretly without consent of guardians, either by boy’s party or by girl’s party. It is a kind of love marriage.
Marriage by performance (Gandharba Bibaha) : This marriage is done by extra performance and lots of social celebrations, festivals, musical nights, according to the favourable season.
Marriage by paying fine (Jari Bibaha) : This marriage is done by paying necessary or demanded amount of money for taking away another’s legal wife.
Getting married is not an easy task. A lot of responsibility comes along with it. Many boys and girls get married without knowing the meaning and the obligations of bringing up a family. Emotional maturity is a prime requisite of marriage. Marriage should be based on love, care, planning and consideration, their concepts, their beliefs on various things.
Marriage done when the age of any partner is not appropriate is called early marriage. The legal age to get married is 18 years for girls and 21 years for boys. In rural parts of our country, marriage can be done between 14 and 16 years old. But the appropriate age for marriage is 25 years for boys and 20 years for girls. Because boys and girls get physically, mentally and emotionally mature at this age. When early marriage is done, the couple is not mature. They cannot take good care of their family, handle their responsibilities. They may have lots of children whom they cannot guide on the right way. They themselves could not enjoy their child’s rights and would not be able to grant them to their children. They don’t have a chance to achieve education so they cannot get a job in higher positions. They also don’t have any idea of family planning which leads them to have unwanted large family. Due to disharmony in their life, they may commit suicide, divorce or murder. So to avoid these types of problems, age at marriage should be taken care of.




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