By Vidhya Sagar Secondary School, Banepa

Niraj Shrestha
Anuj Sapkota
Pranita Shrestha
Projwall Bista

Nepal is a diversified country with an area of 147 181 square km. It is situated in the south of Asia. Nepal is a landlocked country situated in between China and India. Nepal is about 500 Km away from its nearest sea “Bay of Bengal”. It is a world in itself. Although it is a small country, it is trying its best to provide all sorts of facilities to its people in every sector. Transportation of Nepal has been categorized according to its land topography as road transportation, water transportation and ropeways.

Road transportation :
Nepal, being a poor and mountainous country, has not much developed in road transportation. Nepal has different types of vehicles. To minimize the pollution caused by the poisonous gases of vehicles, pollution-free vehicles are used in some parts of our country. In our capital city, Katmandu there is a special type of vehicle shaped as tempo, but it is commonly known as “Katmandu Tuk-Tuk”. These types of vehicles are run by a special type of powerful batteries. There are some other types of vehicles which are run by the help of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (L.P.G). In this way the pollution of Katmandu is being minimized. In the rural areas (mountain), people use animals as their means of transportation. The animals like pony, mules, donkeys and horses are used to carry the loads of the local people. People also travel by riding on them.

Water transportation :
Nepal is the world’s second richest country in water resources. But we lack broad and gentle rivers which can be used for water transportation. As we have more mighty, narrow, shallow and fast flowing rivers boats cannot be sailed on them. So, we lack the proper water transportation which is said to be the cheapest means of transportation in the world. But also we do rafting on them to recreate ourselves as they are regarded as the best rivers for wide river rafting. The boats are sailed in very few rivers in Nepal due to their uneven surface.

Ropeways :
Ropeways are used as an easy means of transportation mainly in the Hilly region. Manakamana Temple is a famous temple of Nepal, where people generally prefer to travel by cable car (a type of ropeway) which runs from Kurintar to the temple premises. The longest suspension bridge of Asia lies in Nepal. It is made above the big rivers to cross the river as it is the shortest way to cross easily. At first, it was made of thick ropes, woods and it was narrow. But due to the advancement in science and technology, at present it is made up of strong ladders, wires, poles, etc. It has become easy for the mountainous people to travel from one place to another.

In this way, people of Nepal are using different sorts of means of transportation. Nepal is also trying its best to provide easy and convenient means of transportation as possible to its entire people. But people of Nepal are enjoying every means of transportation found in Nepal. Foreign people can also experience a new taste by traveling in the Nepalese means of transportation. Thank you !



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