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Vidhya Sagar Secondary School, Banepa

By Saraswoti Kunj Secondary School, Panauti

Manoj Bhandari
Nirdeep K.C
Niron Banepali

Our country is Nepal, it lies in Asia. Its total area is 147 181 square Km. It is a land locked country. It is the only Hindu kingdom in the world. Geographically Nepal is divided into 3 regions. They are the Himalayan, Hilly and Terai region. Himalayan region is full of snow capped mountains. The climate is extreme cold. In this part live only the people of the Mongolian race who are known as Sherpas. Due to coldness and rocky soil, cultivation is not possible. People of this region are influenced by Tibetan culture. The highest peak of the world, Mt. Everest, lies in this region. Most of the rivers are originated from this region. That’s why Nepal is the second richest country in terms of water in the world.
Another region is the hilly region. It has high hills covered with moderate climate. Most of the people follow Hindu religion. The main occupation of this region is animal husbandry and horticultures. Lastly, another region is the Terai region. It has hot climate. It is called Granary of Nepal. Soil is very fertile. They also follow Hindu religion. Due to the connection with India, this region is more developed than the other regions. Due to hotness, people are black and wear thin clothes. It is the birth place of Gautam Buddha. He is also known as “Light of Asia”. In Nepal, it is believed that there are more than 30 000 000 gods and goddess. Nepal is a monarchical country. Nepalese have respect on their king and their queen.






By Vidhya Sagar Secondary School, Banepa

Govinda Humagain
Paras Mani Tripathi
Pranesh Shrestha
Sabina Khadka
Sapana Ranjit
Ujjwol Sewacharya

All of us study in grade 9 in Vidhya Sagar English Secondary School which is situated in Banepa. It is a beautiful and peaceful valley which falls in Kavre district of Nepal. Let me talk about my place first. It lies 26 km east of the capital city Kathmandu at a height of 1 461 meters above the sea level and covers a total area of 5.31 square km. It lies at 81.300E latitude and 27.370N longitude. It is a place rich in cultural heritage. Chandeshwori temple is the main pilgrimage of Banepa. A unique feature of Banepa is that the girls below 12 years of age are worshipped as "Kumari" living goddess. Chandeshwori Jatra is the main festival of the people of Banepa.
Now talking about my school, I would like to talk about my school's history first. Our school was established by Mr. Hira Sharma in 2049 B.S. (1992 A.D.) with 65 students and 5 teachers in Banepa. In the beginning, the classes were from nursery to grade 1. At present our school runs up to grade 10. There are 46 teachers and 912 students in our school. Our school being a co-educational institution is trying to provide quality education since its establishment. Being an English medium school, it is focussing to develop students' communicative competency in national as well as international language, i.e. Nepali and English. Our school was the first to organise extra-curricular activities in Banepa thinking that such activities act as a platform to exhibit students' hidden talents. To develop students' vocabulary, analytical power and to develop them mentally and physically, our school is conducting art class, dance class and music class, publishing wall magazine and organising sports day, exhibition day, etc. Besides, a library with a wide variety of books has also been set up. We do have a science laboratory and a computer laboratory.
System of education : As Nepal is a developing country, the system of education is not much developed. In our school also the system of education is traditional, in which the teacher gives lectures and tries to make the students understand the topic. Nowadays practical education is also being implemented. Computer is also one of the practical subjects. Our school follows government course along with some extra course. Our regular class starts from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm on weekdays except Friday. On Friday, our classes run from 9:30 am to 2 pm. In this way the classes run and we feel them quite interesting.





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