By Savannakhet Secondary School, Savannakhet

Anothay Phatthaya
Hommachack Paniphone
Muphachanh Souksakhone


AIDS is the name given to the advanced state of the infection provoked by the HIV virus. AIDS is a disease which is very dangerous for everybody. There are many countries that lost inhabitants due to this disease. In Laos, there are hospitals which take care of people who have HIV virus in Savannakhet. In Laos there is only 1% of the population in the whole country that has the virus. To cure, you have to take medicine, eat elements from the 5 groups (glucids, lipids, water, mineral salts and proteins), and practice sport. Unfortunately, this cannot cure the disease. It can only help making life longer.
AIDS can enter the body through 3 ways : syringe, mother who transmits the virus to her child and through a man or a woman who has the virus if we have a sexual intercourse with that person. If we don’t want to get the virus, we have to use condoms when having a sexual intercourse and you must use syringe only one time. You must love you wife and your family and think of them when you are about to do something wrong. If we see someone with AIDS, we don’t know why he should be hated, because AIDS can be caught by only 3 ways and therefore we can live with this person, eat his food and wear his cloths.
The symptom of this disease is : thin, weak, the person has spots on the skin and he can catch other diseases easily. If we see children with AIDS, we feel very sorry because they do not know but there are many chances that they caught the virus HIV through their mother. You must have only one couple in your life, if you want to have sexual intercourse, you must use condoms. We are happy to be living in a today’s period because we know why we are the victims therefore we can protect ourselves from the HIV virus. Teenagers too should not drink too much alcohol because alcohol can destroy the nervous system and the person who drinks might not think of using a condom if he has a sexual intercourse.




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