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Dalavanh Khathiyavong
Vimala Homsombath

The traditional and favorite food of Laotians is papaya salad.

Menu today
Ingredients : papaya, chilies, garlic, tomatoes, lemon, padek (anchovy), crab, sugar, makkok (olives), green beans, peanuts, pork crackers.

Instructions :
Wash a papaya and green beans in the bowl of water. Peel the papaya and cut green beans in small pieces, then wash it again.
Chop the papaya on to a tray, and then slice it.
Put 2 cloves of garlic, 4 small chilies and a little sliced papaya and green beans into the clean mortar, and then crush them.
Add the rest of the slice papaya to the mixture in the mortar.
Add the juice of half a lemon, a teaspoon of sugar, 3 tablespoons of anchovy, a few sliced tomatoes, olives and ripe crab and some MSG if you wish.
Stir the papaya with the other ingredients until they are well mixed.
Pave with peanuts.
Now it ready to serve with pork crackers and some vegetables.

Papaya salad is the traditional food of Laotians. It’s easy to find, to eat and to do. You can eat it every time that you need especially in summer. We use banana leaves to be the dishes and use our hands to eat. We like eating with hot sticky rice, grill chicken and bamboo soup .Oh ! It’s very delicious (seb lai der).

Miss Panatda
Miss Phatjala
Miss Viphasouk
Thipmaphaphone Xapheechit
Palina Ounkeomanivong
Aksone Kongdala

Menu : Papaya Salad

Papaya, chili, tomato, lime, cabbage, mortar, pestle, garlic, sugar, padek, crab paste, MSG, pork crackers, tea spoon, table spoon.

Wash the papaya in a bowl of water, peel it, chop the papaya on to a tray and chop the chilies. Put in the mortar with garlic, mix and add the juice of lemon, sugar, sliced tomatoes, MGS, crab paste, padek mixture. Put on a plate. You eat papaya salad with pork crackers or vegetables. You eat papaya salad for lunch.

The papaya salad is traditional food in Laos and people like to eat it very much. If people see papaya salad and taste it, they find it delicious. Papayas come from everywhere in Laos.

Thao Silichansay Inthapanlla
Thao Nilaphay Anothay
Thao Jonney Sivongdao


We want to present you the aliment from Laos that is very famous and delicious. It is Kaoupoul. First, you must boil some water in a pan, leave it a few minutes then add the flour and shape it as filaments.
Then, you add the meat and the fish in the pan, wait 30 minutes and add the padaik (it is a very salty fish), salt, sugar, kanor (it is delicious flour), dry chillies and you mix to have a Kaoupoul soup.
We like to eat it during parties such as Basi (it is the party for the one who leaves the house to go study somewhere else), weddings, parties for a new house … When we eat it, we have to eat it with fresh chillies, kapi (like cream but a little bit salty), salad. If there is no Kaoupoul in a party, then it is not a real Lao party, because it is a very special aliment for Laos. We like to eat that dish because it is delicious and easy to cook, during the weekend; our parents like to cook it.

Ingredients to prepare the Kaopoul
For 6 persons :
1 kg of beef
1 kg of fish
1 l of coconut milk
200 g of dry hot chillies
200 g of sugar, salt and kanor
0.2 l of padaik
200 g of herbs
2 pieces of pork dry blood
200 g of lemon
300 g of beans
100 g of salad
200 g of cabbage
500 g of banana leaves
500 g of soya germs
3 kg of kaoupoul
200 g of kapi
200 g of fresh chillies

These aliments come from Laos, such as fishes that we can fish from the Mekong.



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