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Vincent DEVAUT

The tramway is a form of transportation which uses rails and electric cables, or wheels. On the road in the main French cities, the tramway is fast, useful but expensive. The tram in Nancy was repaired because it experienced a few accidents. The tram is not a free service. We must use the tram, because of high pollution in Europe.
The tram on wheels :
It uses electricity.
There are about 180 seats in the tram.
Its maximum speed is 70 km/h with a maximum acceleration of 1,2m/s.
It has a weight of 25,5 tonnes.
The life expectancy is 30 years.
The tram on the rail :
Its speed rarely passes 40 km/h within the city.
It uses electricity.
It has 50 vehicles so as to reduce the waiting time.
It operates from 5.00 am to 1.00 am of the following day.
It is equipped with air-conditioning and has an anti-vibration system which makes it very quiet.

Nicolas BERAIN
Benoit ALLIE


We are going to talk about the TGV (high speed train). A ticket for the TGV costs around 25 €. The TGV project started in 1970. Before this date all the trains in France were of classic design. They reach speeds of 140 to 160 km/h. These are the first versions of trains that we use today. The SNCF thought that in order to reduce travel time, and to compete with other competitors such as airlines, they would have to create a form of transportation that was faster than taking the plane, and therefore they would have to increase the speed of rail trains. Two possibilities were then studied. We could improve the level of the current facilities. This could increase the speed of classical trains to 220 km/h. The second solution was to invent a new type of train and to construct new railroads that are compatible with this train. In 1970, they decided to go along with the second solution : the TGV, that we know of today was born. Its average cruising speed is 250 km/h. Today new railroads are being constructed where the forecasted speed is 320km/h. The train is 200 m long and can transport 400 passengers. The SNCF believes that the big advantage of the TGV over flying is that the train brings passengers right into the heart of the city. The TGV therefore has to be able to enter existing train stations.

By Velaine sous Amance School


In France, there are many cars. This causes a problem of pollution. To fight it, we develop public transportation. In Nancy, the big city near where we live, there are buses, tramways and trains. But there are still too many people who use their cars.


The most popular means of transportation in France is the car. We use it to go to work, to go shopping and to go out for a walk. The bus is also a means of transportation that is very popular. We use it to go to school. There is the bicycle, which we use to go play and to go for a ride. There is also the boat, train and plane.





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