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The Emblem of Brittany : Emblem of emblems, the stoat is today without a doubt the symbol of Brittany. Emblem of Dukes for many centuries, the stoat of Brittany went as far as accompanying the “Fleur de Lys” during Queen Anne of Brittany’s reign, to whom a legend attributes the paternity of that emblem. Britons have always used legends to explain such invention, such apparition or such event. So was explained the birth of the stoat and Britanny Dukes’ slogan : "Better dying than being dirty" (in briton language : kentoc'h mervel evet bezañ saotret - in latin : Potius mori quam foedari). A legend says that this comes from Anne of Brittany’s reign, the britons’ beloved. One day, she was going through her land to visit her people when she witnessed men pursuing a white stoat. The small animal arrived at a mud pond where it decided to fight rather than dirtying her fur by crossing the dirty pond. When she saw that, the legend says that Anne obtained that the animal stays alive and the stoat became her emblem. Even if the legend explained nicely the birth of that emblem, the truth is that the apparition of the stoat on the briton weapons is due to Pierre de Dreux, nicknamed de Mauclerc during the 13th century.

By Velaine sous Amance School


The rabbit

The rabbit is a small mammalian. It has two big ears and a small tail. The rabbit eats vegetables (lettuce, fruits and cereals). When it feels threatened, it taps its foot. During winter, it hibernates underground.






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