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Velaine sous Amance School


By Jacques Monod Middle School, Ludres

Charlotte LEBRUN

Our names are Maud Hoffmann and Charlotte Lebrun and we are 13 years old.
A typical school day :
We wake up at 7.15 am and have breakfast. We have many different things like cereals and milk or without milk, fruit juice, yoghurt, and crisp bread with jam. At 8.20 am, we leave the house and catch the 8.30 am bus, which takes us to our first class at 9 am. We have an average of 6 hours of classes per day. We have French, English, Math, History and Geography, etc. We have a recreation break at 10 am and 4 pm. Lunchtime is around 12.30 and finishes around 1.45 pm. Classes resume at 2 pm. Depending on our schedule we finish at 4 pm or 5 pm. We take the bus home and as soon as we arrive we have a snack. After that we do our homework that is due for the next day. Our school days are : Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. We take a shower and eat dinner between 6.30 pm and 8.30 pm and we go to bed between 9 pm and 10.30 pm.

A typical non school day:
We wake up between 8.30 am and 9.30 am, and we have the same breakfast that we do during school days. During our free time, we play with our friends or if the weather is bad we play with our video games or with our brothers and sisters (Charlotte has a little sister and I (Maud) have a little brother). Lunchtime is about the same time while at school. In the afternoon, sometimes we go shopping with our friends or our mothers. We finish the afternoons by doing our homework or watching TV. Our days off school are Wednesday, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday. Our diner time is at the same time of the day as the other days of the week. After eating, we watch a bit of TV and we go to bed between 9.30 pm and 11 pm.


Our day begins at 7 o’clock.
Florence : I go to the bathroom where I take a shower, and then I get dressed. Then I have breakfast, which is a croissant and a bowl of cereal with milk.
Maéva : I get up and have breakfast, which is a half of a croissant and a glass of orange juice. Then I get dressed and I wash my face and brush my teeth. I then read and reread my homework.
Florence : I am brought to school by car at 8.40 am.
Maéva : I walk to school at 8.30 am.
Maéva & Florence : We meet each other at the school entry at 8.45 am. While we wait for the school to open we have a bit of time to join our class. On Monday, we start with French.
Maéva : I hate this class !
Maéva & Florence : At 10 o’clock, we have a recreation break of 15 minutes. Then we have English, followed by Physics (we do lots of experiments).
Maéva : I eat lunch around 12.15. Then I go to the Choir Club (I love it) from 12.55 to 1.45 pm.
Florence : Me, I go to the Step Club (sports) from 12.15 to 12.55, then I eat around 1 o’clock.
Maéva & Florence : After the recreation break in the afternoon, we have Latin (a dead language). Half of our class doesn’t take Latin, because it’s an optional class. But there are students from another class that join us.
Florence : At 5.05 pm, I leave the school. Sometimes I walk home; sometimes I get a ride by car. When I get home I have a snack and then I start to do my homework and then I eat. Later on I watch TV.
Maéva : After classes are finished at 5.05 pm, I walk home, and it takes me 15 minutes. When I get home I do my homework and I revise my work, then I read a bit.
Maéva & Florence : We have dinner around 7 o’clock which is a dish of vegetables, meat, ham, fruit, but not much because we don’t have any activities later on. We read a bit and then we go to bed around 8.30.


By Velaine sous Amance School


I get up at 7.15 am. I eat a breakfast roll and drink a hot chocolate at 7.20 am, then I dress up at 7.30 am. I brush my hair at 7.35. I play PS2, it is a video game, until 8.15 am. I take the bus at 8.25 am. I arrive at school at 9.10 am. I work until 10.30. I have a break and talk to my friends and sometimes, I play a game where you have to touch a friend, then it is his turn to touch someone. The break ends at 10.45 am. Then I work until 12.10 and take the bus at 12.15. I arrive home at 12.25. I have lunch at 12.30. I play PS2 until 1.15 pm, then I take the bus back to school at 1.35 pm. I arrive at school at 2.10 pm. I work until 3.30, then have another break and work again until 5.10. I take the bus, I arrive at home and do my homework. I play PS2 until 8.05 pm.

Maxime B.

In the morning, I wake up at 8.15 am and I eat a toast with Nutella. Nutella is a chocolate spread with hazelnuts, and it can be fatening. After this, I go to school. School lasts 3 hours, and then I return home. I play some video games. After this I go back to school for 3 hours and then I return home. Then I play some more video games. After this I take a bath. Finally, I brush my teeth and I then go to bed around 9 in the evening.


In the morning I eat eight toasts, at lunch time, I eat rice, during the afternoon I go to my bedroom to rest for an hour and during the evening I watch TV, then I take a shower and I eat dinner. And to end my day, I brush my teeth and go to bed.


My name is Elisa and I am in grade 4. I live in Lorraine, and I am going to tell you what I do on Wednesdays. I get up at 8.30 am, I dress up, I have breakfast, I brush my teeth, I watch television, I go to catechism at 9.30 am, I go to a class of modern dance at 11.15 am, I come back home at noon, I watch the news on television, at 2.00 pm I do my homework, at 3.00 pm I watch television, at 5.00 pm, I go to the gym, at 7.00 pm, I take a bath, at 8.00 pm I eat pasta, then I watch the news, clean the diner table, brush my teeth, read until 10.00 pm and go to bed.

Clément Demartheaux
Maxyme Marchal

I am in grade 5 at Velaine-sous-Amance, in the countryside. We are 29 pupils, including 11 girls and 18 boys, between 9 and 10 years old. Our teacher is Thierry Louis. To take care of us at the playground at lunchtime and after school while waiting for the bus, there is Josianne.
Our sport facilities are in the same village.
We study the life of cockroaches in a aquarium.
Every morning, we do some yoga.
After the sentences on the slate, we read aloud.
The morning break starts at 10.40 am and lasts 15 minutes.
For the second part of the morning, we study math. We take the bus to go home at lunchtime. Then we go back to school to correct or finish our exercises. We leave school at 4.50 pm to get back home around 5.00 pm.

Tomas Lambotte

On Wednesday, I get up at 8.00 am. For breakfast, I have yoghurt and drink apple juice. I dress up and go to catechism ; we learn about the life of Jesus. At 11.30 am, we have lunch at my mom’s place. I go to bed at 8.30 pm.

Alexandre Domange

On Saturday, I get up at 8.00 am, I have breakfast : a yogurt, a cracotte (it is a toast with wheat, corn and flour in it) and orange juice. I dress up at 10.00 am, then I play with my computer until 10.30 am and watch a tape until noon. At 12.30, I have lunch, at 1.15 I play with my small cars until 3.00 pm. At 3.30 pm, I go to the pony club until 5.30 pm. At 6.40 pm, I play dragon, at 7.40 pm I take a shower and at 8.00 pm, I eat. I go to bed at 9.30 pm.


I get up at 8.00 am on Wednesday. On Wednesday, there is no school. Then I have my breakfast with warm milk. I start with modern dance. Then I go and get my older sister at high school and I come back home. I eat French fries with beef. Then I brush my teeth with mint toothpaste. Then I play cards on the computer. At 4.00 pm, I have a snack consisting of bread and nutella (what is nutella ? it is a spread of hazelnuts and cocoa). Then I watch television. I go wash myself and then I eat pasta with butter. I brush my teeth and go to bed.

Lucas Felix

I am going to talk to you about my Wednesday, where I don’t go to school. On Wednesday, I get up at 9.00 am. I eat a toast with cereals and milk around 9.40 am. I dress up, watch television and clean my room. At 11.00 am, I go to my grand-ma for lunch. Then I play with my friends. At 5.30, my mom comes and picks me up at my grand-ma’s. I come back home and watch television. At 6.00 pm, I take a bath. Then I do my hair and watch television. I eat at 7.30 and go to bed at 8.00 pm.

Jonathan Marchal

On Saturdays, I get up at 6.30 am, take my breakfast (a yogurt), take a hot shower and then watch cartoons on television. I go to school by bus at 8.20 am. I take the bus and the trip lasts half an hour. I arrive at school at 8.50 am. We work and we go on a morning break for 30 minutes then we finish class. At 1.00 pm, I have lunch and play soccer. Then I go back home, I have a snack and I do my homework.

Cindy Nicolas

I get up at 8.00 am, I dress up and I have breakfast (biscuits, a glass of milk and a glass of orange juice), I brush my teeth and I wash myself. I watch television a little bit, and then I go to school to study French and Math in the morning. I have lunch at noon and go back to school. We do some sport, arts or sciences. At night, we go back home, we do our homework, I watch television, I take a shower, I have dinner and I go to bed. And next morning, everything starts again !





























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