By Velaine sous Amance School



Paintings can be done many different ways.
With a straw : you need a paintbrush, a straw, painting colours and a piece of paper. You take the paintbrush, put it for example in a blue colour and shake it above the paper. Then you take the straw and blow in it so that the colour goes away leaving stripes on the paper.
With a ball : you need a box, painting colours, a paintbrush and a piece of paper. You put the paper in the box, then take your paintbrush. You take 4 colours, for example yellow, blue, red and green and put them on the edge of the inside of the box. Then you put your ball inside the box on the blue colour for example and close the box. You shake it. When you are done, you take your paper out of the box and let it dry.
With a paintbrush : you need a paintbrush, painting colours and a piece of paper. You take your paintbrush, you put it in the colours for example yellow for a sun, blue for a sky, green for the grass and red for a house.


Piano and harmonica

I play piano and harmonica. I am going to explain how to play piano. I have a small screen and it shows me on what keys I should put my fingers and then, it shows the keys in red and I choose a melody.
Now, I will explain how to play harmonica. I take it with my two hands and blow in the small holes and you can do a melody.


Modern jazz

Modern jazz changes mood very often ; you can wear a long dress or a mini skirt. Modern jazz is a rhythmic dance. You can practice it alone or in a group, or even in couple. Every year, there is a show. Some days, we rehearse the dances and we don’t have stretching. Modern jazz is different from ballet. Ballet is more about acrobatics, when modern jazz is movements, not acrobatics. Girls more than boys practice modern jazz. You might have already known that, but we explain anyway. Songs that we use to dance modern jazz are rather recent songs.






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