Jacques Monod Middle School, Ludres

Velaine sous Amance School

By Jacques Monod Middle School, Ludres


Hi, we are two French students in grade 7 at Jacques Monod Middle School. Jacques Monod was a French biologist and biochemist who was born in Paris in 1910. His father Hector Lucien Monod was a painter. His mother Charlotte Todd MacGregor was an American of Scottish origins and was the second wife of Lucien Monod.
There are 46 teachers and 561 students. Each teacher teaches a different subject :

Mrs Savoy in French
Mrs Pérette in English
Mrs Perrin in Maths
Mr Noël in Art
Mrs Bigeard in Technology
Mrs Butaud in History, Geography and Civic Education
Mrs La Vaullée in Physics and Home Room Teacher
Mrs Shuh-Benini in Music
Mrs Brunaut in Biology
Mrs David at the Documentary and Information Centre

We have a fairly nice schedule :
Monday, 10h - 12h / 14h - 16h
Tuesday, 9h - 12h / 14h - 17h
Wednesday, no classes
Thursday, 8h - 12h / 14h - 16h
Friday, 9h - 12h / 14h - 15h
Saturday, 8h - 12h
Sunday, no classes

Priscilla ANTOINE

Hi ! We are French ! We live in Ludres and our school is called Jacques Monod. Mr. Jacques Monod was born in 1910 in Paris and died in 1976 in Cannes. Our school allows us to take part in activities between noon and 2 pm. There are all sorts of things to do : scrap booking, badminton, choir, gymnastic and mathematics tutorials … ! There is also homework tutorial that is conducted by other students on Mondays and Thursdays from 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm ! There are 46 teachers and 561 students, with 427 coming from Ludres. The Jacques Monod School was built to host 15 classrooms and specialized rooms (technology, history and geography, design, music, …), a documentary and information centre, and housing for certain teachers. Our teachers are :

Mrs Savoy : French
Mrs Perette : English
Mrs Claudon : Math
Mr Noël : Art
Mrs Bigeard : Technology
Mrs Drouin : History and Geography, Civil Education
Mrs Brunaut : S.V.T (Sciences of Life and Earth)
Mrs la Vaullée : Physics, Chemistry
Mrs Valleins : Gym
Mrs Shuh-Benini : Music
Mrs David : Documentary and Information Centre

There are several administrative departments and the people that work here are :
Principal : Mrs Aubert
Assistant Principal : Mr Bache
Education Adviser : Mrs Aubry
Office of bursar : Mme Harsh
Secretary : Mme Scheffmann
Councillor : Mme Beck
Our class is great. The teachers are proud of our work and of our grades ! Nobody has a failing grade and the class average is 78% ! The atmosphere in our class is great. Everyone gets along well ! We are 22 students in the 7 grade, of 13 girls and 9 boys :

ALLIE Benoît
ANTOINE Priscilla
BENOÎT Aurélie
BERAIN Nicolas
DEVAUT Vincent
LEBRUN Charlotte
PICAUD Johanna
TRAUTH Dimitri

By Velaine sous Amance School


We live in the North East of France. We go to school at Velaine, a village near Nancy. There are classes of CE2 (8 to 9 years old) and CM1 (9 to 10 years old). We are 30 in each class. We start school at 8.50 am until 11.50 am and during the afternoon, from 1.50 pm to 16.50 pm. Our school is part of a group that includes 3 other schools :
Champenoux with the playschool who are 2 to 5 years old and the CP-CE1 who are 6 to 7 years old.
Cerville with the CP and CE1.
Lanevelotte with the CM2 who are 10 to 11 years old.
In our class, there are 2 computers, 2 boards, Dans notre classe, il y a 2 ordinateurs, 2 tableaux aimantés, 1 big television, 1 music player and a small library. There are 17 CE2 and 13 CM1. In total, there are 10 girls and 20 boys.
We have 7 responsibilities : the boards and the brushes to wash, the rubish bin to empty, the phasms to feed, the mail to distribute, the class notebook to fill in, the meteo to type on the computer, the library to clean and the pupils’ notebooks to distribute.
We are doing « what’s new », « empty your pocket », « presentations » and « press reviews ». « What’s new » is when pupils give information on current news. « Empty your pocket » is when someone brings in an object that he wants to show to the other pupils. « Presentations » is when we give information on a subject. « Press reviews » is when we present an article from a newspaper.


At Velaine sous Amance elementary school, we can dress like we want to. There are two classes of 30 students. We all have responsibilities that change every week. After every vacation, when we come back to school, we choose our own seats. The school is big, but the playground is small. We have a library in each class. We have a big chalkboard, a medium one and also a small one.


There are two classes in our school. We have responsibilities and we change them every week. We are 62 in both classes and there is 1 teacher per class. We are in CE2 (8,9 years old) and CM1 (9,10 years old). We have a library and a playground. At Champenoux is the playschool (2,3,4,5 years old) and CP (6,7 years old). At Cerville, there are also CP and CE1 (7,8 years old). At Lanevelotte, there are other pupils. In our class, there is a television, boards, two computers and a globe. Our playground is not that big, but has a roof. Almost every year, we change school. We have many friends and we can dress the way we want to.


We can dress like we want to for school. There are 2 classes. In both classes there are 60 students in total. We all have weekly jobs and our resposibilities change every week. There are some other schools that are in our group (Playschool 3 to 5 years). The playschool is located at Champenoux, a big village of our group. The CP and the CE1, which have students 6 to 7 years old, are at Cerville, a small village that is also part of the group. The CP2 and CM1 are at Velaine (our school).







































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