Presentation of your Class
This is a page for you to fill in so that you can present yourselves to others. You can talk about your class, your teacher, the people around you, the school building, your class's mascot, and of course yourself (what's your name, how old are you, what do you like and dislike). Don't hesitate to add your own pictures (photos and drawings) !
My Cook Book
Choose a typical dish from your region and give us the recipe. Research the history of the dish and also the history of the ingredients. Where do they come from ? Then write about certain occasions (ceremonies, festivals) when this dish is prepared and eaten. Finally tell us about the stories and songs that mention the dish.
Story Time
Continue the story ! Other schools have created chapters, now its your turn. Careful : you have to continue the story of our 2 main characters as they witness an important historical event in your country. You need to write a 2 to 5 page chapter. Everyone grab a pen !
A Regular Day of my Life
Think about a typical day, from when you wake up to when you go back to bed. Tell us about your daily activities, what you do for fun, your family, your friends, the life in your community, your house, and also problems that you face regularly.
It's my Element
After walking around your community or around your school, keep your eyes open. What are the elements around you ? For example, is there a forest ? What types of animals are present and what kind of plants are growing ? How is your community mobilized towards protecting the environment ? We propose to complete a report on an element of your choice : water, air or land. You can conduct interviews, describe specific problems that the community faces and the proposed solutions.
Transportation in my Country (proposed by Aquinas High School, Nairobi, Kenya)
Select a means of transport used commonly in your country (by air, by land or by water). How is it unique ? Why is it popular ? What is the history of this means of transportation ? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using it ? Tell us all about how to get around in your country !
Health Education (proposed by Nairobi School, Nairobi, Kenya)
Choose a subject of health, where it is important that the people of your country learn about how to prevent it or how to cure it or how to deal with it. Talk about how this health problem is affecting your country and what the community is doing to better the situation. Give us a bit of history as well as some figures to help us understand the scale of this problem.
Family Structure (proposed by Vidhya Sagar School, Banepa, Nepal)
Tell us about how families are formed, live and function in your country. You could talk about marriages, population control and each family member’s responsibilities, or pick something else. After choosing one topic that deals with family structure, document yourself and write an essay about it.
Traditional Cloths, Jewels and Crafts (proposed by Special Boarding School N°42, Asaka, Uzbekistan)
What are tailors, jewellers and craftsmen making in your country ? Give a detailed description on one or several traditional costumes, jewelleries or handicrafts. What special material are they made of and where do that material come from ? Who uses/wears these items and do they do so at any specific time of the year ? What is the significance of these items and what role do they play in the country’s life ? Don’t forget to tell us about each item’s history : when does it date back to? Let’s see if you can dig up any interesting stories that talk about them.
Important People of my Country (proposed by Apeejay School, Mumbai, India)
Here you can present to everyone someone who has changed your country and sometimes even the world. The person can be a scientist, a politician, a writer, a singer, an actor or any individual who is well known in your country for doing something important. Tell us about this person. Explain in detail what he/she has done that made him/her so famous.

Festivals and Holidays (proposed by Apeejay School, Mumbai, India)
What are some of the festivals that you celebrate in your country ? Try to convey what it is like to take part. What are you celebrating exactly ? You can go into detail and tell us about special dishes that are prepared. Also add any other activities that make up these festive times : dances, parades, games, … Don’t forget to tell us the dates !

Music, Dance and other Arts (proposed by Saipanya School, Bangkok, Thailand)
Regardless of its form, art is a major criteria of a country’s culture. With respect to the following outline, choose an art which is found in your country : music, dance, opera, theatre, paintings, sculptures, drawings, literature or cinema. Where does this art originate from ? How has it evolved over the past centuries ? Does this art represent a period of splendour or is it on the contrary, about a period of difficult times ? What are the tools that are used (musical instruments for example) and what people of your country represent this art ? Tell us as well what role this art plays in your daily life.

What is the next Topic ?
Schools can propose other subjects that they wish to share with the other schools. Contact us to send your propositions, and we will pass it along to the other schools so that they can work on your topic.

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